1. A young girl originally from Istanbul has a good job and a house. That's just until she can't meet a loved one. One day Gulseren meets a wonderful and handsome man, whose name is Jihan. He is very rich and smart, he owns several elite restaurants. He is popular among the weak half of society, but he is waiting for the one and only one with whom he can build a joint future. They fell in love with each other at first sight and it seems that no one will prevent them from being together. Except that envious friends and insidious acquaintances who are not averse to adding fuel to the fire in order to spoil the relationship between lovers.

2. "J. Edgar is a controversial film based on the life of the legendary pretender of the last century - John Edgar Hoover.

In the early 70s, the founder and former director of the FBI, Hoover, brazenly lying, tells the press about his "great" adventures and dictates memoirs for the record, which are diligently and accurately reprinted on typewriters. People respect and praise him more and more every day. On the contrary, he sincerely believes that the people, whom he has stubbornly defended for many years from all kinds of traitors and thieves, underestimate him.

Every day Hoover wants more fame and recognition. A man like him recognizes only his desires and unknowingly ruins the lives of people around him who have at least a little respect for his person.

The main character can clearly be called paranoid, obsessed with his own, invented greatness. There are moments in the film when this is clearly noticeable. For example, he, with a light hand, dismisses a well-deserved agent who really risked his life so that he could not outshine himself. In another case, Hoover is trying to seduce the girl in a not quite right way - by inviting her to inspect the Library of Congress archive, which she was certainly interested in. This actor, in some episodes, behaves extremely unworthy: he can flare up based only on a sense of his own dissatisfaction.

After all, "J. Edgar " the famous director Clint Eastwood does not disgust the main character, as it would happen in life, but on the contrary, makes him clearly worry and sympathize. This is not only the merit of a Hollywood director, but also a screenwriter, a specialist in this kind of personalities. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in this movie is very good. The role of Hoover suited him. This actor knows how to properly present anyone to the audience.

Even the most ambiguous hero in the light of sensuality and empathy. The main thing is that his character turned out not to be a stereotypical scoundrel, but a living person capable of real emotions. If you want to relax, then you can watch cartoons online and plunge into childhood, forgetting about all the worries. Смотреть фильмы на Kinogo. Наш сайт kinogo предоставляет огромный выбор. Так, истинный ценитель кино сможет найти здесь новинки фильмов 2023, 2024 года, великие хиты прошлого, картины «золотой эпохи» Голливуда, комедии из Франции, азиатские дорамы, а также всеми любимые советские фильмы и европейская классика.