Opening hours

Thursday – Friday: 4pm – 8pm;

Sunday – Saturday : 12am – 8pm;


Monday – Friday : 11am-6pm;

Guided tour

Art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ has a wide variety of guided tours to take part in provided on Russian and foreign languages (English, German, French). Excursion members will have a unique opportunity to get to know history of legendary Saint-Petersburg art center and history of unofficial culture and Leningrad arts in general. Besides, guests will be able to see ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ from the inside: visit fabulous places and workshops of famous painters, whose works are located in many different museum and private collections in Russia and abroad. In these workshops visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted and talk to painters, become witness of art process and purchase masterpieces.

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Russian and foreign students always have an opportunity to complete probation as a part of our team (1-3 months). In terms of probation students take part in arrangement and performance of an exhibition projects and other affairs, also work in office ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ with curators and painters of art center.

Art center ‘Pushkinskaya-10’ also regularly accepts student groups to complete professional internship and cooperates with plenty Saint-Petersburg universities, where fine art experts, cultural experts, journalists and art managers (Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts, Stieglitz Academy, Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Higher School Of Economics  etc.)

Detail information about probations you can reach at


191040, Saint-Petersburg, Pushkinskaya st., 10
(entrance from Ligovsky pr., to the arc)
tel.: (812)764-53-71 (administration)
tel.: (812) 764-52-69 (accountancy)

Евгений Орлов – президент Товарищества «Свободная культура»
Юлий Рыбаков – вице-президент Товарищества «Свободная культура» тел. 764-65-27
Мирон Муждаба – генеральный директор арт-центра «Пушкинская-10» тел. 8-904-607-4025
Ксения Шаповалова – pr-директор тел.: 764-53-71 (доб. 3)
Дмитрий Широков – руководитель технического отдела
Анастасия Пацей – руководитель Санкт-Петербургской Арт-резиденции, директор Музея нонконформистского искусства
Юлия Рыбакова – куратор галереи Арт-Лига, научный сотрудник Музея нонконформистского искусства
Елизавета Ординарцева – заместитель директора МНИ, координатор Санкт-Петербургской Арт-резиденции тел.: 8-921-550-17-06
Лора Кучер – куратор международных выставок Музея нонконформистского искусства тел.: 764 48 52